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Sheet music for all Whitney Smith songs are available free of charge by contacting me. All we ask is that you notify us of any professional performances of the songs.

Music & Lyrics by Whitney Smith. Arrangements by Andrew Jones, Jason Logue, John MacLeod, Jim McGrath and Jake Wilkinson.

Scores and parts for 17-piece big band (5 saxes, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, 4 rhythm, plus vocalists where applicable) are available for the following charts from the CD, "Life Drawing." To listen to samples, click here.

1) Jaguar Dance (5:39), “tenor battle” instrumental and piano solo, samba, Am. Arranged by Andrew Jones.

2) Let's Pretend it's Love (3:41), vocal, swing, sax soli, Bb/Gm. Arranged by Jake Wilkinson.

3) This House (5:53), ballad, vocal, tenor solo, C. Arranged by Andrew Jones.

4) I Will Not Love (4:22), vocal, bright swing, piano and tenor solos, G. Arranged by Andrew Jones.

5) Blue Gardenia (5:36), vocal, slow bossa nova, flugelhorn solo, Ab. Arranged by John MacLeod.

6) Rhythm Pills & Spare Change (4:45), instrumental, medium bright swing (rhythm changes), advanced trombone soli, alto and trumpet solos, Bb. Arranged by Jake Wilkinson.

7) My Reason Why (5:45), vocal, bossa and swing, soprano solo, Db. Arranged by Andrew Jones.

8) Steam Engine (5:02), instrumental, fast swing, lead alto and trumpet solos, Ab. Arranged by Andrew Jones.

9) Goodbye Lonesome Beauty (3:08), vocal, folk waltz, keys available are Ab, A, Bb or C. Arranged by Jason Logue.

10) Pot of Tears (5:09), trombone feature or vocal (we can send you lyrics), slow moody swing. Arranged by Jim McGrath.

11) Drift & Misery (4:39), vocal, Nawlins march, trombone solo, C. Arranged by Jason Logue.

For scores and parts for a 17-piece big band (5 saxes, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, 4 rhythm, plus vocalists where applicable), send a cheque or money order for for $65 US for each title to:

Big Steam Band Charts
c /o Community Records
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