This House


Music and lyrics by Whitney Smith, 2002, SOCAN


This house is better now without you.

I come and go, I'm fin'lly free

Of wond'ring why it all came on us when it did.

Why there's been no one else for me.


The nights are better now without you,

I know the closing songs by heart.

Tonight the moon is asking why again,

Why some love gets torn apart?


Wake me! Shake me! Save this house, I'm dreaming.

Darling, something's burning.

Help me hold the broken beam.


The fields are greener now without you.

That's what I tell my stubborn heart.

It doesn't matter that my world is now my own

That no one tells me how or when or what to do

No, nothing matters but a dream that turned to stone.

No, nothing matters except you.