Take My Hand


Music and lyrics by Whitney Smith, ©2000, SOCAN


Take my hand, show me now

What it is that you like in a dancer

Yes, someone so much younger (older) than

What I am!


Hold me close. Yes, nice and close . . .

Spin me ‘round, my world reels

When you whisper

Those soft lines of poetry meant for me.


Now, mi amor, we’ll imagine that you and I

Have the night and the beach, all alone

And the diamond-rich sky!

Now, mi amor, take my hand and

We’ll run and dive

Through the white foamy waves and below

Make my girl (man) feel alive!


Time to leave. Quickly now!

They will say,

“Those two they went off dancing ...”

And what could be closer to

The “how to” of you and me tonight!