Music and lyrics by Whitney Smith, 2000, SOCAN


The streets in town still hold the memory

That long ago she cried to sleep.

Waiting, quiet waiting

For a stranger who may never come

Let him know she lives

In the village of the drum.


Rosealee, they said you'd never find a man to be

The strong and gentle kind of lover who

Knows what a woman's man must do.


Rosealee, a lamp is burning in your room I see

Your silhouette below a yearning sky,

A woman's will to love can die.


The gods would part the raging seas for you

Or let the innocent go free for you

And even some poor love sick poet might

Compose a phrase that ends your dark and lonely night.


Rosealee, before your eyes the one and only he,

How many times you passed but never knew

That such a simple man

Could make your grandest wish come true.