In His World


Music and lyrics by Whitney Smith, 1999, SOCAN


My father took me swimming

Off the Andalusian shore.

The clouds that sailed above us, they wept,

The rivers cried for more.

The arms that held his body down

Like the secrets of the deep,

Like the whisper of the riptide,

Coaxing ships to sleep.


My father took me riding

through the hills of Killcarew,

and the lighthouse lamp above us, it burned

for the captain and his crew.

A hundred sailors faithful

to the mission of the storm

and the hunger for the one man

who will keep us safe and warm.


My father took me fishing

Off the banks of Shelter Sound

And the hounds snuck in and stole my fear

And left me there to drown.

And in my final dream he left

The ancient lover's cure;

I drank the poisons from that tree

Where the wicked tastes are pure.


My father took me walking

In the jungles of Tulum.

The fever will not make me whole,

But the fever guards my tomb.

In the bright and quiet waters,

In the stillness of the wood

I hear the lungs of suffring call,

Gasping where my father stood.