Music by Whitney Smith, lyrics by Whitney Smith and Victor Coleman, 1985


An extraordinary spectrum,

Very ordinary eyes

A sense of direction: colorwise


A thousand different brush strokes

On a canvas will reveal

A filter, through the artist, of the "real."


Blue for sky, large supply

Red for lips that said you and I.

Pass the light through a prism

Breaking it down

It's like mesmerism

The rainbow's frown.


An extraordinary fellow

Changing paths now very fast

She is yellow, I am blue

For our love didn't last.


Our colours, meant to mingle,

Separated into single shafts of hue:

Phantom tones and brittle bones unseen;

One part blue, the other green.


Ordinary apparition

Extraordinary eyes

Perhaps I am too blind to realize

That our love is like a spectrum

With its necessary tears

Breaking up the light into our fears.


An extraordinary romance

In a time that wasn't right

Now my future can unveil for me

Darkened night.